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FULL DRAW YARN.A filament of synthetic fiber further produced by spinning and drawing. The fibers are sufficiently stretched to be used directly in textile processing.Conventional polyester and nylon full stretch silk, are chemical filament. FDY fabric feels smooth and soft, and it is often used to weave imitation silk fabrics. It has a wide range of USES in clothing and home textiles.



PRE-ORIENTED YARN or PARTIALLY ORIENTED YARN.It refers to the chemical filament that is not fully drawn between the unoriented filament and the stretched filament with the orientation obtained by high-speed spinning. Compared with undrawn silk, it has a certain degree of orientation, good stability, often used as a stretch false twist deformation silk (DTY) dedicated wire.



DRAW TEXTURED YARN.It is made by using POY as raw silk, stretching and false twist deformation processing. There is often a certain degree of elasticity and contraction.



Dupont invented by the United States, the principle is the use of air jet method to make the air jet technology for the crosswinding of the tow processing, forming an irregular twisted ring, so that the tow has fluffy loop yarn. The modified yarn has both the properties of filament yarn and staple yarn, with strong wool feeling, good hand feeling and better coverage than staple yarn.


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