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How to remove and repair silicon spot

Soft agent is applied widely on textiles, good performance, the most prominent effect of softening agent, but the only fly in the ointment is the arrangement of organosilicon fabric, in case of dyeing defects, need to change color back becomes very difficult, often because of improper handling, make the fabric changes appeared in the process of dye staining, color flower, serious when, change can reflect the obvious color black color flower phenomenon.

Many dyehouses had to settle for the second, preferring to give up the excellent finishing effect and choose the fat non-silicon softener with poor effect, but they were troubled because the hand feeling could not meet the requirements of customers. Therefore, it is of great significance to solve the redyeing problem of the finished fabric with silicone softener.


In order to prevent the appearance of silicone oil spots, the selected soft finish can be optimized from the following aspects:


1. Pre-use inspection: alkaline resistance, fluorescent whitening agent resistance, shearing resistance and high temperature resistance tests are carried out, and those failing to meet the requirements are eliminated;

2. Control the quality of cloth surface: strengthen dyeing and washing to ensure that the cloth surface and cylinder wall are free from anionic additives and dye residues, and the cloth surface PH value is 5.5-6.8;

3. Scientific material: adjust solution PH value to 5-6, the water temperature below 40 ℃, ban stir for a long time, the machine cylinder temperature above 60 ℃ banned from silicone oil;

4. Choose hot air drying: after rolling the softener, use non-contact hot air drying instead of the contact drying of drying cylinder. If drying with drying cylinder, put a layer of cloth on the bread of the first 4 drying cylinders to reduce the temperature of drying cylinder and avoid spot stains on the drying cylinder caused by sudden heat on the cloth surface;

5. Do not use the same bath with the paint: add paint color should choose non-ionic softener, and the paint should be fully dissolved; If the addition of adhesives must be considered and the compatibility of silicone, otherwise it is easy to cause roll.

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