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Hydrogen peroxide stabilizer

Mechanism of hydrogen peroxide stabilizer:


1. Adsorption stability theory:

It can absorb heavy metal ions by means of static electricity or hydrogen bond.

The stabilizers include sodium silicate, fatty acid magnesium, polyacrylamide hydrolysate, polycarboxylate, etc.

2. Complexation stability theory

The formation of stable water-soluble complexes through the chelation of multi-valent chelating agents with metal ions prevents the catalysis of heavy metals.

This kind of stabilizer includes: phosphate, amino carboxylate, alcohol amine, hydroxyl carboxylate and phosphate.


Classification of hydrogen peroxide stabilizers:


1. By structure:

Silicon oxygen bleaching stabilizer and non-silicon oxygen bleaching stabilizer;

2. According to the action mechanism:

Chelation type, adsorption type, adsorption chelation compound type.


Eight requirements for hydrogen peroxide stabilizers:


Good hydrogen peroxide stabilizer should be prepared:

1. Excellent adsorption and chelation ability;

2. can withstand different concentrations of alkali agent;

3. Low damage to fiber strength;

4. with anti-fouling performance;

5. can effectively control the decomposition rate of hydrogen peroxide, with high efficiency and stability;

6. use will not cause equipment scaling;

7. excellent whiteness;

8. Easy to biodegrade.

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