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Dyeing Auxiliaries

There are many kinds of dye auxiliaries. Different dyes use different auxiliaries .They help in dyeing or better dye in dyeing, so that the dye achieves better coloring effect.
Dyeing auxiliaries are: (high temperature polyester / reactive cotton / acid / nylon / acrylic) levelling agent: textile fabrics produce colored flowers during the dyeing process and affect the quality of dyed fabrics;
Formaldehyde-free / cotton / acid fixing agent: greatly improve the soaping and washing fastness of fabrics;
Defoaming agent: Eliminates the generation of foam during the dyeing process, affects the dyeing effect, and inhibits the generation of foam;

Other dyeing auxiliaries include: alternative alkalis, repairing agents, soaping agents, anti-wrinkle agents in the bath, wet and dry rubbing fastness improvers, and bath degreasing agents.

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