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Application of acrylic fiber optical brightener

Acrylic fibers are widely used in clothing, apparel and other fields. Acrylic fibers are often used with optical brighteners to achieve better results. Let us first clarify the problem of quantity. Why is acrylic fiber widely used in clothing, apparel and other fields? And why should it be combined with fluorescent whitening Is it better to use the agent?

Acrylic fiber is widely used because of its excellent length, fineness, elasticity, strength and other physical properties, and its chemical properties are very stable. On the other hand, it is soft, bulky, not easy to dye, bright color, light resistance, antibacterial, and fearless. Insect-eaten various advantages, known as artificial wool. So wait until it is widely used. However, acrylic fibers are not resistant to sunlight and tend to turn yellow. Therefore, acrylic fiber with fluorescent whitening agent can solve its shortcomings of light resistance and easy yellowing.

Fluorescent brighteners have specific characteristics such as good washing fastness and strong light fastness to deal with the versatility of acrylic fabrics in different environments such as solar washing and washing. And its high efficiency in the whitening and brightening of acrylic fibers greatly saves the amount of use, and makes a contribution to environmental protection.

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