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Address: South of Dong'an Industrial Zone, Xinfeng Village, Xintang Street, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, China.


Breaking news! We're launching our new brand!

Brand Story

We’re Sylic, we deal with textile auxiliaries. When we created SYLIC we wanted one thing and one thing only and that was to be honest. We wanted to be honest with what we do here, with the people we work with and most important the products we are delivering to our clients. We want clients to grow with us, slowly developing and moving both our business and yours in the future, meeting every difficulty together and doing it in a way that allows everyone we come in to contact with to succeed. We know all our clients by their first name, we’re familiar with most of our clients families and go above and beyond every single to be a partner for life with you. We’re more than just our products, we’re SYLIC where honesty is everything.

Company Profile

Sylic is a professional textile chemical supplier, providing safe and environmental protection textile auxiliaries and chemical dye products. Through nearly ten years of development, it has become a new enterprise with annual sales of 200 million yuan. The product quality is stable and reliable, we provide high quality products but affordable price and can help customers save nearly 40% of the cost. We are a reliable partner you can trust by not only quality products but also great customer service. We offer fast delivery and 24-hour online service, everything we do is to satisfy our customers.

Brand Concept

Sylic, is a brand with a dream to show what Chinese brands can be to the world. Long have Chinese brands been sentenced to a reputation of being poor quality, and affordable without much though for the greater good. Sylic is a brand that was built from this desire to prove to the world that we are Chinese, but we are still great.

When we were thinking of how to define what SYLIC was we all decided on one word, that word was honesty and placing it above all else. We want clients know that at Sylic we:

1. Are to Be Trusted: We say what we do and do what we say. We will never let you down.

2. Build Relationships: Treat all the clients equally and grow with them gradually. We are here with you.

3. Bring Quality: We are not just another Chinese manufacturer, but we compete with the worlds‘ best. We are of that level of quality.

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