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Cotton Hydrophobic (Macro) Silicone Softener CY-463G

This product is a special silicone ternary copolymer high concentration emulsion


Features and benefits

The feel is smooth and soft;

It gives the fabric a soft, smooth, delicate and elastic feel;

Suitable for soft and smooth finishing of woven fabrics and knitted fabrics;

It has minimal influence on fabric whiteness, shade and color fastness;

It can be used in the same bath as the finishing agent such as film;

It is used for cotton fabrics with obvious hand feeling, and has outstanding soft, smooth, full and elastic effect;

Better combination with fluffy silicone oil emulsion;

This product has excellent stability compared with similar products, which can reduce the problem of sticky roller and bleaching.


Basic trait

Appearance: yellowish to transparent flowing liquid

Ionicity: weak cation

PH value: 5.5-6.5

Solid content: 28-30% (105 ° C × 3 hours)


Application range

Mainly used for cotton fabrics

Reference amount

Padding process: CY-463G 10-30g/L

Impregnation process: CY-463G 3~5%

Temperature: 35~40°C

PH value: 5.5~6.5

Time: 20~30min



50 or 120kg plastic drums.



Stored in a cool, ventilated warehouse with a storage period of six months.


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