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Disperse and Reactive Printing Thickener

Disperse Printing Thickener:

Good electrolyte resistance and high paste rate.

The color is higher and the print outline is clear.

Under shear force, the thixotropy is good.

The color paste has good stability (no color change, no change).

The washing water does not stick to the roller, it is easy to remove the paste, and the fabric feels soft.

Environmentally friendly products (excluding APEO, no formaldehyde, no kerosene).

Reactive Printing Thickener:

Fast thickening.

Good resistance to electrolyte, High viscosity. 

Good fluid performance, easy to pass the printing screen.

Good water holding ability, clear outline.

Treated fabric shows brilliant color and high color yield.

Used with sodium alginate or as a thickener after paste forming. 

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