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Disperse Dyes - Characteristic

1. Classification by molecular structure:

According to molecular structure, it can be divided into three types: azo type, anthraquinone type and heterocyclic type.

Azo - type chromatographic agents complete, yellow, orange, red, purple, blue and other colors. Azo disperse dyes can be produced by common azo dyes synthesis method with simple process and low cost. (about 75% of disperse dyes)

Anthraquinone type has red, purple, blue and other colors. (accounting for about 20% of disperse dyes) is known for bright dye species - anthraquinone dyes

Heterocycle is a kind of dye which has been developed recently. (heterocyclic type accounts for about 5% of disperse dyes)

The production process of anthraquinone and heterocyclic disperse dyes is complex and the cost is high.

2. Classification by heat resistance applied:

It can be divided into low temperature type, medium temperature type and high temperature type.

Low temperature dyes, low fastness to sublimation, good levelness, suitable for dry dye dyeing, often called e-type dyes;

High temperature dyes, high fastness to sublimation, but poor levelness, suitable for hot melt dyeing, known as s-type dyes;

Medium temperature dyes, sublimation fastness between the above two, also known as SE dyes.

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