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Ecological Dyeing and Finishing Technology

1. Ecological dyeing: It is a dyeing technology that is based on a safer and more complete production and processing chain. The fiber materials, dyes and chemicals used must be environmentally friendly and have no harmful effects on the human body and the environment. Its production and processing process is safe and ecological, and will not damage the resource environment and pollute the environment


Due to the strict control of dyes, auxiliaries, processes and production processes in ecological dyeing, the price of fabrics is high in view of the scarcity of dyes. It is believed that as more and more consumers begin to pay attention to ecologicalization, the purchase of ecological underwear, ecological children's clothing, ecological home textiles, and ecological toys will become a breakthrough in ecological dyeing.


2. Biological enzyme dyeing and finishing technology: biological enzyme technology has been widely used in textiles, from biological enzyme degumming of hemp, biological enzyme desizing, refining, deoxidation of cotton fabric, biological enzyme washing after dyeing, biological enzyme softening Finishing, biological enzyme enzyme dehairing and finishing, to biological enzyme treatment of printing and dyeing wastewater, etc. will not be repeated.


3. New technology of physical dyeing and finishing: The physical and mechanical dyeing and finishing technology of textiles is a high-tech emerging with technological innovation and mutual penetration of industries. Ultrasonic technology, high-energy electromagnetic wave radiation technology, and low-temperature plasma technology have been gradually applied in dyeing and finishing. For example: mechanical softness in textile style, physical and mechanical finishing such as suede, textured and wrinkled surfaces, physical and mechanical texture processing of artificial fur special fabrics, and dry and wet finishing of wool fabrics, etc.

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