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Effect of Temperature on Direct Dye Dyeing

The effect of temperature on the dyeing rate of direct dyes is different. The structure is simple, easy to dissolve, has little affinity for fiber and high diffusion rate. The structure is more complex, difficult to dissolve, the fiber affinity is high, the diffusion rate is low. The rate of diffusion is a characteristic of the dye.

Diffusion rate is low, in the event of uneven, difficult to correct by dyeing, washing fastness, high temperature increase the rate of diffusion, but reduce the percentage of balanced dyeing. High diffusion rate, low affinity dye, should adopt a lower temperature dyeing, get a higher dye percentage. Conversely, the use of higher temperature dyeing, is conducive to a shorter period of time to obtain a higher dye percentage. Viscose and other regenerated cellulose fiber, amorphous area size and degree of orientation is different, will cause uneven dyeing, improve the temperature to promote infection, reduce uneven dyeing.

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