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Factors affecting moisture regain

Internal cause


The amount of hydrophilic group and the strength of hydrophilic group can affect the hygroscopic properties of fiber molecules. The more hydrophilic groups, the more hydrophilic, the better hygroscopicity; If the macromolecular end group of the fiber with low degree of polymerization is hydrophilic group, its hygroscopicity is stronger.


The lower the crystallinity, the stronger the moisture absorption.


The larger the specific surface area of fiber and void fiber, the stronger the adsorption capacity and the better the moisture absorption capacity. The more pores in the fiber, the stronger the moisture absorption ability.


The associated organisms and impurities have different effects. Cotton wax in cotton fiber and grease in wool fiber weaken the moisture absorption ability. The pectin of hemp fiber and the sericin of silk enhance the moisture absorption ability.




External cause


Under certain temperature condition, the higher the relative humidity, the better the fiber hygroscopicity.


Generally, with the increase of air temperature and fiber material temperature, the equilibrium moisture regain of fiber will decrease.


Air velocity when air velocity is high, the equilibrium moisture regain of the fiber will decrease.

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