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Mercerization of loth 1

The first decision that must be made in the mercerizing process of fabrics is to select the fabric to be mercerized in the original embryo, pre-processed, or partially pre-processed state. Whether it is pre-desizing or scouring or after scouring and bleaching, mercerizing can be carried out without any treatment.

Regarding the choice of whether materials need pre-processing before the mercerizing project, it depends on the type of materials, special plant equipment, and the demand for mercerized fabric products. Theoretically, for most factories, if it is to mercerize the original embryo, its operation should be the simplest, because it can save drying or special pre-treatment. However, since a large amount of impurities are brought into the lye, these impurities will hinder the mercerizing process or the recovery of lye. However, under ideal circumstances, the original embryo will show satisfactory gloss and affinity for dyes after mercerizing treatment, and will enhance the toughness (Strength) and other excellent properties. Therefore, in order to obtain satisfactory results in the mercerizing process of the original embryo, a strong penetrant must be added to the lye.

The mercerization of the original embryo or the desizing treatment of the original embryo or the mercerization of the refined cotton, their respective gloss, toughness, chemical activity and affinity for dyes, cannot help us choose the advantages and disadvantages. This choice can only be made after a rigorous evaluation of the convenience of the manufacturing machine, the effectiveness of the lye recovery equipment and the drying equipment. Before the mercerizing process, the material may have been completely refined and bleached and there are many manufacturing machines to operate with this equipment. Generally speaking, assuming that all mercerizing processes are controlled under the best conditions, the mercerizing process after scouring and bleaching of the material will show a better gloss and smoother appearance than the bleached material before mercerizing process.

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