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Mercerization of Cloth 2

The mercerizing treatment of bleached materials has a possible shortcoming, that is, the adverse effects of excessive bleaching will not be manifested under normal circumstances, but will be manifested after the mercerizing treatment of the materials. Any excessively bleached fiber will be dissolved a little in the lye, and a certain degree of tensile strength will be destroyed. To

Generally speaking, different mercerizing pretreatments (Pretreatment) will not cause too much difference between products. If the main purpose of mercerizing is excellent gloss and smoothness, then the pretreatment of bleaching is of course the best. If the maximum tensile strength must be maintained, then bleaching should be carried out after mercerizing. To

All cotton, whether wet or dry, raw or bleached, should be spread out to be smoothly fed into the mercerizing lye. Wrinkles, especially on thick cotton fabrics, will show traces on the subsequent dyed products. Therefore, before the cotton is put into the lye, some tension should be applied to prevent wrinkling. If the wet cotton is to be mercerized, then they should be sent through the mangle to make the water content even. Generally, the less water content is, the better. To get the best mercerizing effect, the cotton should be dried before entering the lye.

When we think about which equipment is most suitable for caustic soda dipping, we should pay attention to what happens between cotton and lye when mercerizing.


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