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Mercer's purpose and process

Mercer purpose:

1. The gloss and brightness increase after mercerizing;

2. The adsorption capacity and chemical reaction capacity are enhanced, and the amount of dye obtained is increased;

3. Shrinkage rate, dimensional stability, fabric flatness improved;

4. Mechanical properties such as strength and extensibility have changed.


Mercerized process:

Classified by process:

1. Drift first and then wire:

The mercerizing effect is good, the waste alkali is clean, but the whiteness is poor, and it is easy to stain. It is suitable for colored fabrics, especially heavy fabrics. A

2. First float after silk:

The whiteness is good, but the gloss is poor, and the fabric is easily damaged during bleaching. It is suitable for bleached cloth and printed cloth.

3. Mercerized after dyeing:

Suitable for varieties that are easy to be scratched or unevenly dyed (after mercerizing, the fabric feels harder and the dyeing is faster) In order to improve the surface effect and dyeing fastness of the fabric when dyeing dark colors, as well as some varieties that require high gloss Use mercerizing after dyeing. (PS: after mercerizing is selective for dyes)

4. Half mercerized before dyeing, conventional mercerized after dyeing:

In order to improve the adsorption and chemical reactivity of the dye.

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