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The main reason for silicone oil stains

a. The PH value of the cloth surface is not neutral, especially with alkali, which causes the silicone oil to break the emulsion and float oil;


b. The water quality of the treatment bath is too poor, the hardness is too high, and the silicone oil is very easy to float in water with a hardness of >150PPM;


c. The quality problems of silicone oil include poor emulsification (poor emulsifier selection, poor emulsification process, too large emulsified particles, etc.), intolerance to shear (mainly the problems of the silicone oil itself, such as the quality of the silicone oil, the emulsification system, the variety of silicone oil, the synthesis process of silicone oil, etc. ).

You can choose a silicone oil that is resistant to shearing, electrolytes, and pH changes, but pay attention to how the silicone oil is used and the environment, and you can also consider choosing a hydrophilic silicone oil.

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