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The properties that the scouring agent must have

(1) The surface tension of the solution can be reduced, the interfacial tension between the solution and the fabric can be reduced, and the scouring solution can quickly wet the fabric;

(2) Emulsify and disperse the commensal organisms (sericin, cotton wax, etc.) on the fabric;

(3) metal ions such as calcium and magnesium can be complexed into water-soluble complexes and removed from the fabric;

(4) Meet the requirements of environmentally friendly additives, with good safety, biodegradability, and low toxicity

It does not contain environmental hormones, heavy metal ions and the formaldehyde content cannot exceed the limit value. The symbiosis of cellulose fibers (oil wax, pectin, lignin, pigment, cottonseed husk) is mainly removed by scouring at high temperature with caustic soda. A large number of matching scouring agents have been developed through the one-step method of annealing, boiling, and bleaching or new low-temperature pre-treatment processes, cold-rolling stacking processes, etc.

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