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Towel Hydrophilic Block Silicone Oil

Towel Hydrophilic Block Silicone Oil CY-4881

AppearanceColorless or canary yellow transparent fluid

Ionic Character: Cationic

Main components: three-component block copolymer of polysiloxane, polyamines and poluether.

Solid content(%): 48-50%

Application Scope:

The product is suitable for various fibers softening, especially for cotton fabric

softening, hydrophilicity and softness of the finished fabric are all excellent.


1.Achieve the effect of instantaneous water absorption for cotton fabric     

2.The hand feelings are superior to common Block Silicone Oil

3.No floating oil, no spots of silicone oil, and non-sticky to roller

4.After softening treatment, the treated fabric can be redyed.

5.Resistant to acids and alkalis, high temperature,and high shearing force        

6. With properties such as bulkiness, soft, slip, glutinous, fullness and nature       

7. High performance with low cost.

Package and storage:

120Kg per one plastic drum, storage life is 12 months.

If any interest, please contact: nico@cycolorant.com

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