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What is the role of reactive printing paste thickener?

Reactive printing paste thickener is a polymer of polyurethane component, which is convenient to use, and is superior to traditional cellulose or acrylic thickeners in terms of leveling, film gloss and water resistance. It can be used in most water-based systems, such as emulsion systems, dispersion systems, latex paints, etc., and has good compatibility with the following resin emulsions.


Product features of reactive printing paste thickener:


1. It has a good high-shear viscosity thickening effect, excellent fluidity and leveling.

2. Very good brushing feel, excellent anti-rolling splash, water resistance and water resistance.

3. Its performance is comparable to imported products, and the price is more obvious.


Application scenarios of reactive printing paste thickener CY-316D:


Reactive printing paste thickener is suitable for printing paste (sodium alginate, alginate, starch and cellulose modified, modified guar gum, synthetic thickener), matte to high gloss variety System, such as: textile coating, architectural paint, leather paint, paper coating, etc.

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