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  • Dispersing thickener TK-317C
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Product info

Main ingredients Polyacrylic compounds
Technical Specifications Appearance White viscous liquid
Solid content (%) 28.0-33.5
Ionic yin

Physical and Chemical properties

1. The rate of paste formation is high and the thickening is rapid.
2. It has a deep color and good compatibility.
3. Has good electrolyte resistance.
4. The printing paste is stable and has good fluidity.
5. It is easy to remove the paste when washing, and the fabric feels fluffy and soft.


Suitable for disperse dyes, paint printing thickening; especially for felts, various
velvets, heavy needles, woven fabrics and polyester fiber printing with high permeability
requirements, not only can be used alone, but also with sodium alginate paste, tamarind
Guar gum is used in combination.


120 kg plastic drum, sealed and stored in the dark, with a shelf life of 6 months at
room temperature.

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