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  • Sylic CY-4608 High Concentration Smoothing Agent (Crude)
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Product info

High Concentration Smoothing Agent CY-4608 is modified quaternary ammonium multi-copolymerized polymer polysiloxane,it has a new molecular structure,EO, PO, quaternary ammonium salt, epoxy and a variety of organic chain segments are neat to embed into the main chain,endow better effect and higher cost performance.

(1)Endow fabric excellent soft and smooth feeling.
(2)This product contains more crosslinking type reactive group, gives the fabric excellent smooth .
(3)Good self-emulsified,can dilute in the High-speed disperser without emulsifier.
(4)Excellent effect on polyester,nylon and viscose.
(5)No yellowing change, less discolour, no effect to color light.
(6)It can be used together with cationic/non-ionic softener to increase the whole property largely.
(7)antistatic, can redye after stripping.
(8)Can use together with the traditional amino silicone oil, improve the application performance and resistance to acid and alkali stability.
(9)Acid and alkali resistance, resistance to electrolyte, high temperature resistant, high shear resistant.
(10)Excellent compatibility,can used together with disperse dye, whitening agent, coating(pH=6.5~7)

(11)High performance to price rate. Less dosage. Better result.

Usage amount for reference
(1)Dipping Process: CY-4608  diluted emulsion 3-5%(o.w.f)
(2)Padding Process: CY-4608  diluted emulsion 10-30g/L

Physical and Chemical properties

Appearance: transparent to light yellow liquid
Ionic: Weak Cationic


Apply for the soft and soft finishing for polyester T/C T/R nylon cotton viscose,etc.


100KG or 200KGplastic barrel.

Store in cool and ventilated warehouse. 6 moths of storage period.

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