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  • Sylic CY-8501 Nonionic Silicone Softener
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Product info

This product is a kind of silicone nonionic surfactant with unique properties, which is made by graft copolymerization of polyether and polydimethylsiloxane. When making the product, it can modify the number of silicone oil chains or change the polyether A variety of silicone surfactants with different properties can be obtained by adjusting the ratio of PO and changing the number of chain links and terminal groups to meet the needs of various industries.

Features and benefits

Good hydrophilicity and soft feel;

Lower surface tension, suitable as an anti-fog agent;

Better softening properties and antistatic properties, suitable for fabric softeners

This product can self-emulsify. It can be diluted by adding water as required. It can be diluted by 1: 5 ~ 10.

Physical and Chemical properties

Appearance: colorless to slightly yellow transparent viscous paste

Ionic: non-ionic

Content: 96% —98% (105 ° C, 3 hours)


Wide range of applications, polyester, cotton, plush and other fabrics.


120 or 1000kg plastic drums.

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