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  • Sylic® 664 C6-Fluorocarbon/ Water Repellent Agent(AATCC 42 Approved)
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Product info

Fluorocarbon Copolymer as Main Component

Technical Index: White or Light Yellow Emulsion Externally

Solid content (%): 29.0-31.0

PH value (stock solution): 2.0-5.0

Specific weight (25℃), g/cm3: 1.07-1.13

Ionic: Weak Cationic

Physical and Chemical properties

1. It has excellent waterproof and oil-proof performance for cellulose fiber and synthetic fiber.

2. Excellent washing resistance.

3. The original hand feeling of the fabric is not affected.

4. Excellent compounding performance.

5. Strong adaptability to environment

6. C6 products are free of PFOS and PFOA and APEO-type environmental hormone substances.


It is suitable for waterproof and oil-proof processing of natural fibers (wool, silk and cotton), polyester-cotton blends, polyamide-cotton blends, synthetic fibers (polyester and nylon) and other fabric fabrics.

General formula: the dosage is 10-40g/L, one soaking, one rolling, drying and shaping.

Please adjust the specific process through the sample as appropriate.


120KG plastic barrel, sealed and protected from light, shelf life of 12 months at 0-40℃.

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