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Address: South of Dong'an Industrial Zone, Xinfeng Village, Xintang Street, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, China.

Brand Sylic

Brand Story

We’re Sylic, we deal with textile auxiliaries. When we created SYLIC we wanted one thing and one thing only and that was to be honest. We wanted to be honest with what we do here, with the people we work with and most important the products we are delivering to our clients. We want clients to grow with us, slowly developing and moving both our business and yours in the future, meeting every difficulty together and doing it in a way that allows everyone we come in to contact with to succeed.

We know all our clients by their first name, we’re familiar with most of our clients families and go above and beyond every single to be a partner for life with you. We’re more than just our products, we’re SYLIC where honesty is everything.

Competitive Advantadge

Positioning: We position an affordable brand that brings high quality. Yes we have good quality products but we are delivering at 40% or so less than the price of all major competitors.

Feeling: The Sylic provides a brand feel where clients know they can count on us because of how open and transparent we are. Clients know that we are a brand they can depend on.

Key Brand Advantages:

1. We're cutting prices to be a brand that is affordable. This is the most direct and transparent way we create an advantage.

2. We are product manufacturers. We actually are experts in the field and our team of engineers, scientists and chemists are world-class.

3. We ar e a brand that is transparent and open what we do here. No other brand can compete with how direct we are with our brand.

Brand Values

Brand values standardize our companies behavior so it's inline with our brand values. We want our own company as well as our clients to understand what is important to us.

Honest: We are 100% honest in everything we do, if it's not the truth we won't say, if it is a grey area we avoid. This is at the core of SYLIC.

Opens: What we do as a company is that we establish ourselves as the most open brand. We have no secrets.

TRANSPARENCY: Everything we do is available to clients, from how we do our products, to our company staff memebers, to the source of our materials.