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Address: South of Dong'an Industrial Zone, Xinfeng Village, Xintang Street, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, China.

Why us

Outstanding Team

Chungyo Chem has excellent textile auxiliaries sales teams, a control unit, laboratories, for efficient and effective delivery and every part of the product delivery process is fine turned to meet the personalized demands of the world markets. It is well supported by qualified techno-commercial professionals for better customer service and application support.

Chungyo sales team is made of 20 vibrant and diligent young men, those salesman are Proficient in products, prompt reply can be provided from them. Our company’s prime objectives are adhered to quality of products and total customer satisfaction.

Research & Development

Our R & D team is continuously developing new products to cater to the requirements of textile auxiliaries industry. We can also carry out research as well as sponsored experiments to develop products and routes of environment friendly and economical processes for you using newer industry segment. Chungyo engineers are equiped with fine machines and high profession, match and test can be done in quick and professional move,so any color needed, Chungyo can be a perfect choice. This applications span wider fields of chemistry and result in far reaching benefits.

Quality Control

At Chungyo Chem Co., Ltd. this process is always the most stringent of all. To us quality is a commitment. It is a constant process and a continuous improvement.

Other advantages:

Huge range of Textile Auxiliaries
Leading industry prices
Safe and secure packaging
Support of efficient resources
Domain expertise in Textile Auxiliaries
Complete support of on time and after sales services
Quick processing of client's inquiries(within 24 hours)
Timely delivery within 15 days after the contract comes into effect